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“How can I increase the value of my service today?” Earl Nightingale

Asking and thinking about that 10-word question each morning will, over time, shift the trajectory of your life and business.

The question causes us to evaluate and modulate. The answer could be as simple as adding a smile to your morning greetings or as complex as designing a new manufacturing line. The key is asking and then acting on the answer.

Market Minute:

Is the M&A Market Frozen? Managing Director Joel Sikes shares the latest movements of the lower middle market in this brief audio. 

Notes from the Week:

This new article on Funding Growth Through Equity or Debt will provide helpful insights on making this decision for your company. 

The Treasury Department plans to borrow a record $3 trillion in Q2 to pay for the various coronavirus economic relief packages.

Paul Evans shares 4 Keys to Maximizing Productivity in this article on Entrepreneur.