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In this episode of the Market Minute, Joel Sikes explains the difference between a traditionally distressed company and how that differs in the current environment. He also covers some of the funding possibilities available to middle-market companies looking for capital right now.

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Notes from the Week:

Private Equity and additional investors are remaining active during this time. There have been rumors that deals are being severely discounted or that most markets are on hold. That’s not what is being reflected in the activity.

This is a brief list of industries CRI Capital Advisors is being asked about from acquirers. This is not exhaustive but provides a good overview. 

  • Air Quality Sensors and Safety Products
  • Behavioral Science (counseling, detox, etc.)
  • Business Services
  • Disinfectant Services (industrial, hospital, food manufacturing, etc.)
  • Environmental Services, Testing & Related Products
  • First Responders Equipment & Gear
  • Healthcare Practices
  • Manufacturers Across Most INdustries
  • Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste Management
  • Residential Services (HVAC, plumbing, pest, appliance repair, landscaping, etc.)
  • Parts Manufacturers (automotive, lawn, agriculture, elevator, etc.)
  • Pet Food, Treats & Products
  • Professional Cleaning Services

If you know anyone in those markets who was doing well before COVID-19 and is now seeking crisis capital, please contact us.


“Start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.”

– Jim Rohn